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Mechanical Watches Conquer the Market
Posted On: 22 Jan 2018 by Wayne Sellstrom


The ever growing demand for mechanical watches as realised prices in our specialist sales prove to be a strong market.

In the last decade of the last century, mechanical watches began to reach the higher prices at the auctions and to appear in a number of stores. Since than mechanical watches each year has gained an increasing percentage of the total sales of watches in the world.

Of course, still a large proportion of the sales is occupied by a relatively inexpensive quartz watches, but more and more people are aware of the quality and pleasure of wearing and owning mechanical watches.

There really is something special when you hear the mechanical watch ticking on your hand. This mechanism is like a living thing. A mechanical watch is a connection with the past, with the time when first wrist watches appeared, but also a symbol of the future.

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